Somewhere in My Memory

It’s the time of year when families gather. Traditions are celebrated, food is devoured and, although amid hurried schedules, everyone seems to make the time to reflect. Nostalgia seeps from the most common of things. It glistens in our neighborhoods and markets. It sings to us in silent snowfalls and oven timers. It pours out of our radios, evoking treasured memories.

Even our televisions are aglow in nostalgia. Familiar faces from our regular line-ups are replaced with those of Charlie, Bing and Ralphie. Advertising messages shift, and sometimes soften, for the ‘Season of Giving.’ Lexus freshens up its ‘Big Red Bow’ advertising. Kay lures men into purchasing diamonds with promises of gratitude, romance and happy Christmas memories. Cell phone companies sell ‘togetherness’ in the form of a family plan. The list goes on and on and into the New Year when the sales hit (and the messaging is anything but soft).

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