April Fool

Last weekend my husband and I rented The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. My husband mentioned the kiosk warned him the disc was intentionally designed to look like a bootleg. This sparked my curiosity.

When I saw it, I knew it was definite blog material. My first thought? It’s too brilliantly simple—I wish I thought of it. What an effective way to visually package the movie. My second thought? If I had come up with the idea, there would be no way a client would sign-off on it. I predict the feedback would be something along the lines of ‘This is it? I could have done that myself.’

The design of the DVD may be a nod to the movie’s hacker protagonist, but my husband and I both noticed that not once was a DVD-R, CD-R, jump drive or any external media storage device actually featured in the movie. Does that matter? Eh, not really. It’s a great design, nonetheless.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo disc

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo disc 2

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo image 3