Attention Kmart Shoppers

I’ve never found Kmart’s shopping experience, nor their advertising, desirable. They briefly peaked my interest in the late 90s with the introduction of Martha Stewart’s home furnishings, but that interest was short-lived. Kmart has piqued my interest again with the recent commercials from their creative agency DraftFCB.

‘Ship My Pants’ caught my attention several months ago (I’m a sucker for wordplay). It was followed by ‘Big Gas Savings.’ And this morning I was treated to a twist on the classic “yo’ momma” playground word battle (see video below).

Surfing the web, you come across a broad spectrum of reactions to Kmart’s new commercials. Conservatives find some of the ads offensive, some question whether the jokes are ‘getting old,’ and others praise the company for having an “edgy sense of humor.” Personally, I agree with the latter.

I generally respond negatively towards sophomoric humor in advertising. However, there’s something different about these commercials—they’re sophomoric but smart. They cut through the noise of a commercial break and grab the attention of the audience. I generally do chores around the house with the TV on in the background. The suggestive word usage in Kmart’s ads makes me stop, question what I thought I heard and watch the entire commercial.

‘Ship My Pants’ netted 12 million views in the span of one week. Whether you are a fan or not, the ads are doing exactly what they are intended to do with a simple call to action—attention all shoppers, Kmart’s back in the game.