I Don’t Hustle

The word “hustle” is everywhere now! Everyone I know is talking about hustling, has hustled or is about the hustle in the near future—and in all honesty, every time I hear that word, it makes me cringe.

Defined by the all-knowing Urban Dictionary as: “Anythin you need to do to make money… be it sellin cars, drugs, ya body. If you makin money, you hustlin.” (the Urban Dictionary is too busy hustlin’ to use the letter “g”). Joking aside, one of the most commonly used definitions of hustle, until recently, is to fraud or swindle. What honest business person wants anything to do with a word that implies that?

When I hear the word “hustle,” my mind goes here:

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2016 Super Bowl Ads Top 10 List

For the past couple of years I’ve enjoyed doing my own Super Bowl Ad Top 10 list. However, in October of 2015 my household cut the cord and has been without cable since. We’ve been Netflixing it for the most part, until we introduced a Roku at Christmas. Believe it or not, it was the Super Bowl commercials that pushed me over the edge. I ran out today and purchased an HD antennae for our television so I could continue my tradition. We are now proud owners of free, at times pixelated and spotty, cable.

This is also the first time since I’ve been doing this that I actually sat through the game. In the past, I DVRed the game then went back afterwards and fast forwarded through the game, making notes about the commercials. It was a bit rough – shooshing the kids during commercials and coordinating bedtime around the halftime show – but I saw all the commercials, from coin toss to Peyton’s endorsement of the ‘King of Beers.’

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#youngaspiringYOU (Updated)

Last week I came across a post about the Old Navy “Young Aspiring Artist” tee:

I’m curious. How do you feel about these shirts from Old Navy? What are they even trying to say?

It hit a nerve and inspired fellow small business owner, Tara Burns (founder of branded) and myself to take action. Our plans from last week stalled briefly due to business closures for the New Year’s holiday. But this week we’ve hit the ground running. By the end of the week, we will be able to offer you the shirt that should have been. Young aspiring __________ – whatever you want to be. It comes with an autograph Sharpie, so you can fill in the blank.

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Hipsterize Your Pencil

These hipster pencil toppers are totes amaze! To make them, you’ll need:

  • Card stock or heavyweight printer paper
  • Color printer
  • Glue or tape
  • Scissors or X-acto knife
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Super Serious

I just finished my Super Bowl commercial DVR experience (much like last year). I find myself wishing I had actually spent my time post Super Bowl watching the heavily advertised premier of Blacklist versus spending it fast forwarding through the game (with a break for the amazing half-time show) to watch all the commercials.

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