Get the Red Out

Or perhaps I should say, “Another way to get the red out.” To forego potential legal issues with Visine (heh).

For the past nine years or so I have been removing red eye in Photoshop using a process that requires a number of steps. The quick and dirty explanation:

  1. Make a selection around the red area
  2. Feather the selection
  3. Copy the selection to a new layer (so you are not being destructive to the original photo)
  4. Desaturate the selection
  5. Then use the burn tool to darken the pupil

So when I stumbled across this method while looking for a way to remove or reduce glare in pupils created by flash photography (which I’m still looking for), I was completely ecstatic. This involves three easy steps:

  1. Create a ‘Channel Mixer’ adjustment layer
  2. Fill it with black
  3. Use the paint brush (with white selected) and
    “paint” the red eye away

It’s simple and produces great results. I don’t know why I never bothered searching for another way to remove red eye. Thank goodness for happy accidents.