Wanted: Design Clarity. Please.

I did it. I began a blog.

All the ‘t’s may not be crossed and ‘i’s semi-dotted, but time waits for no woman. Especially a woman who’s striving to thrive in the world of design.

Are you a designer looking to provide exceptional service? Are you client looking to hire a design professional? If either, I’d like to share some humble wisdom that I’ve learned from my own experiences.

Recently, I was doing double duty playing the role of both designer and client. As a designer, I was being pulled in too many directions due to an overflow of work. I needed to find a strategic partner I could trust to provide well-thought-out design focus to some of my projects.

So what did I do? Posted an online query.

I know. Maybe not the best route. My profession is a bit saturated with homegrown amateurs. That’s part of the reason I’m writing this blog!

What does the title “designer” mean today? Don’t you wish there was a set standard? With my online query, I was hoping I might find someone who met the criteria.

I was not prepared for the onslaught of portfolios and sales-pitches that arrived in my inbox.

Upon reviewing the slew of emails, I found myself recalling a Southern phrase often used by my kinfolk: “Bless their hearts.” Suffice it to say, there are a lot of individuals out there with good intentions, a passion for unleashed creativity and a copy of Photoshop. But those attributes do not make someone a strategic and creative designer.

How many times have you viewed a beautiful ad in print or on TV and not known the message? How many times have you visited a website and had no idea where to begin?

Good design is more than knowing how to use the latest software or making something “look pretty.” Good design captivates its target audience by communicating a strong, clear message that is purposeful with an end goal in sight.

So let’s get some clarity together. If you are a client or a designer who loves smart design that communicates a true message, you’ve found a haven here. Oh, and I’m still looking for that strategic design partner so perhaps this online query will work better.

Am I communicating clearly? Let me know.