Nestlé Crunch and Buffalo Bill

Recently, I flipped through a stack of Better Homes and Gardens magazines which had been piling up on my nightstand. I honestly don’t know how I came about receiving a subscription to this magazine, but every month I get an issue. I admit I enjoy drooling over images of well-designed, meticulously decorated and insanely organized rooms. I might even tear out a few recipes and jot down a few gardening tips here and there (neither being a forte of mine).

Getting back to the point, every issue had an ad for Nestlé Crunch bar. The repetition of the insertion caught my attention (which, I suppose, it may not have if I hadn’t just skimmed five magazines back to back). However, the visual in the ads also caught my attention.

Nestle 'Be the Kid in You'

At first, I was disturbed. What came to my mind?… Silence of the Lambs, The Cell—we are looking at an individual literally cut in half, here. What also came to me was the feeling that I had seen this strategy executed before—or at least something similar. At first I thought Oreo. Then I thought maybe Life cereal. After some quick and unsuccessful Google and YouTube searches, I ran the “kid in me” scenario by my husband who came up with Frosted Mini Wheats. This must be commercial that caused my déjà vu.

I decided to make this post short and sweet. There’s no need to write up an extensive commentary or scour the Internet for executions I recall which may better suit the strategy. I’d basically be making a mountain out of a molehill (after all, it’s not a bad advertisement). And as far as my déjà vu is concerned, although all I can recall from past Nestlé Crunch advertising is Shaq, Nestlé has positioned their Crunch bar along with reminisces of youth since 1938.

So, what do you think? What is your initial reaction to the new Nestlé Crunch print ads? Unsettling or playful?