One Small Step…

I currently manage a group of graphic design students. During my first meeting with them, they asked several questions about life as a designer outside of school. My first bit of advice?—participate in an internship prior to graduation. An internship will quickly shed light on reality. And the reality is the “real world” is more likely to be The Office than MadMen.

During my own higher education, I asked why an internship wasn’t part of the curriculum. The response I received was, “We want you to learn how to do things right first.” I realized what my professor meant my first time working for a small marcomm company. The advertising I knew from school went out the window—research, statistics, media buying, IMC plans and evaluations. Not to say these things weren’t done, but I certainly wasn’t mulling over pie charts, correlating survey results or entering data into Adplus™. The majority of clients, the ones without a BBDO budget, just don’t have the time or the money. The “right” way to do things is generally impractical. Understandable.

However, one thing I’m starting to notice is copious communication efforts and no measurement of their effectiveness. Unacceptable. Measuring your communication efforts is one thing that needs to be done “right.” If you’re not getting some type of feedback on what you’re putting out there, what’s the point?

A small step in the “right” direction
The QR Code appears as though it’s going to be sticking around for awhile. I’ve been asked to use them on several occasions because they are seen as trendy. What’s great about the QR Code is it can track client interaction with your communication efforts.

A QR Code can be generated for free (just Google QR Code generator). Tracking a QR Code is often a service that comes with an expense. Last week I discovered a freebie method of creating and tracking QR Codes. I’m excited to share these free tools that make it possible for communication professionals to do things “right.”