Colors On Parade IIP Brochure

Project Details

Colors On Parade needed to refresh an existing piece of collateral used to recruit area developers and franchise owners. The bulk of the information for both audiences was the same. However, Colors also wanted to communicate specific training opportunities and requirements, as well as financial information, that was unique to each audience.

To prevent recipients from being overwhelmed by information and give Colors On Parade the flexibility to update information in a timely manner, the existing brochure was transformed into a pocket brochure with cut sheets. The brochure itself included core brand information, that wouldn’t require updating throughout the year. The cut sheets included financial and time-sensitive information that required multiple updates throughout the year. The cut sheets allowed Colors to customize each brochure to only include necessary information for their audience, and to cut down on cost and waste by only printing what they needed.

Simple color coding of the cut sheets allowed for easy sorting when preparing folders for potential area developers or franchise owners. Colors has found the brochures to be a successful tool in their recruiting efforts.

  • project: Individual Investor Program Brochure
  • client: Colors On Parade