sugary nostalgia

It’s Halloween, and what’s Halloween without candy? Here’s an assortment of some memorable candy commercials to get you in the spirit (pun intended) for all Hallows’ Eve. Enjoy!

20. California Raisins
No one likes getting raisins for Halloween, but there’s always a health conscious neighbor that gives them out.  

19. Blow Pop, That’s a Blow Pop

18. Rolo, The Thinker

17. Payday, Vending Machine

16. Crunch, S•crunch•ous

15. M&Ms, Little League

14. Reese’s Pieces, You’ll Love ‘Em to Pieces

13. Starburst, The Juice is Loose

12. Skittles, Taste the Rainbow of Fruit Flavors

11. Twix, Oh Yeah

10. York Peppermint Patty, Ski Jump

9. Kit Kat, Ski Jump

8. Butterfinger, Bart Simpson (collection)

7. Whatchamacallit
I’ve never seen fun-size Whatchamacallits, but this a memorable candy commercial I had to include in the line-up.

6. Twizzlers, (1991)


5. Almond Joy & Mounds, Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut…

4. Tootsie Roll, The World Looks Mighty Good to Me

3. Good & Plenty, Choo Choo Charlie

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
I remember this concept from my youth, but not this commercial. I remember commercials with various scenarios involving people bumping into each other and reciting the famous line, “You got your chocolate in my peanut butter. You got your peanut butter in my chocolate.” I specifically recall an exchange between two cavemen, but couldn’t find anything on YouTube or with a quick Google search. Of course, my Reese’s ‘cavemen’ commercial could end up being just another Nestle White Christmas commercial experience.

1. Tootsie Pop, Mr. Owl
As you can tell by my trip down memory lane, the majority of my youth was spent in the 80s. This commercial tops my list because  young and old alike know the classic ‘Mr. Owl’ Tootsie pop commercial.

BONUS Bonkers, Bonks You Out
Every now and then I reminisce about this candy. Bonkers commercials have been filed away in my brain for decades. Who can forget larger than life fruit falling from the sky “bonking” people out? If you’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying Bonker’s candy, think dual-flavored Starbursts (except I remember these being softer and less waxy). This is another candy that, to my knowledge, never made it into the Halloween limelight. But it’s a fun commercial that I thought I’d dust off and share . What are some of your memorable candy commercials?