The Same Old Song

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got.
JLo’s not too good to drive a Fiat—Um, yeah.

I recently wrote about source credibility. I was reminded of its importance by a college classmate in a Facebook post. He said,

I’ll never believe that J Lo would be caught dead driving a Fiat. Stop showing those commercials.”

Based on the market’s lackluster reaction to the ‘Papi’ commercials, it appears the rest of the public feels the same. Chrysler may have set the bar too high, expecting Fiat’s sales to reflect those that followed the highly successful ‘Made in Detroit’ campaign featuring rapper Eminem—obviously emulated in Fiat’s follow up spot entitled ‘My World.’

Olivier Francois, chief marketing officer and head of brand marketing communications for Fiat-Chrysler said,

[Lopez] shares some characteristics of the [Fiat]. She’s a fighter, a mover, a performer… from time to time you have a magic association. I like to take a celebrity because the celebrity’s story fits with the story.”

Lopez is a singer/actress/entrepreneur who ranks 50 in Forbes Top 100 World’s Most Powerful Celebrities with earnings of $25M in 2011—the public ain’t buying JLo in a Fiat. In addition, she’s a mother. Speaking as a mother of two, there’s no way she’s getting two children under the age of 3 and all the paraphernalia that comes with them in the backseat (or trunk) of a car that size. The Jennifer Lopez /Fiat pairing is a perfect example of why source credibility is so important in a celebrity-brand matchup.

JLo cruising around town in a Range Rover—now that’s believable.