Waiting for the Punch Line

Earlier this week I tweeted about Warby Barker, Warby Parker’s April Fools’ joke. The ‘joke’ reached me via email. I suspiciously clicked through to a microsite featuring canine eyewear. After spending several minutes browsing the meticulously designed site, I was momentarily convinced this may actually be a legit business venture. Still doubtful, I selected canine eyewear to add to my shopping cart. Finally, the April Fools exclamation I had been anticipating. Marketing, which includes a social media campaign, and creative efforts supporting this joke are exceptional. I urge you to check it out, if you haven’t already.

So, last night when I saw this commercial for Baby Anti Monkey Butt,
I was primed and ready for a ‘Fooled ya.’ It never came. This morning
I Googled the product and discovered it is part of a family of products which have been in existence since 2003. Still jaded, I went so far as to
call the 800 number and ask if Anti Monkey Butt was, indeed, real. Turns out it is.